Calling all young creative human rights activists to the

movement to end sexual exploitation

Are you aged 17-25? Are you interested in digital volunteering? Are you creative and passionate about human rights?

As part of our upcoming rebrand we are recruiting a group of volunteer content creators to help launch our new social media channels

What is CEASE?

CEASE is a rallying place for survivors, activists, the curious, the hopeful, the discontent. Everyone who wants to see an end to sexual exploitation in the UK. 

We are a national human rights charity whose mission is to expose and dismantle the cultural and commercial forces driving all forms of sexual exploitation in Britain. We see the links between child sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, pornography and prostitution, and work alongside survivors and frontline organisations to end sexual exploitation in the UK by lobbying the Government, campaigning and raising awareness.

CEASE is inclusive of everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, class, background and belief. We are passionate about working across dividing lines.

Who are we looking for?

As we launch our new website, we will be reimagining our social media content on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook, and we’re looking for volunteer content creators to help us. We believe it’s vital that Gen Z is at the forefront of the fight to end sexual exploitation, and that young people are the best advocates to their own peers. That’s why we’re specifically seeking 17-25 year olds to fill these volunteering roles.

As a national organisation without a frontline base, we can – and want – to find digital volunteers from all over the UK to join the movement to end sexual exploitation. The time and location of completing the work is entirely flexible, and can be slotted in around work, school, studies etc. 

We’re looking for social media content creators from all backgrounds and experience levels. We want fresh ways of communicating tricky messages so we’re looking not just for people who have a way with words, but actors, filmmakers, artists, dancers, even TikTok-ers. 

The most important thing is that – whatever your creative medium – you can use it confidently for a good cause. 

What will volunteers do?

Each volunteer will be required to create 2 pieces of content per month, for a minimum commitment of 3 months, which can be reviewed on a rolling basis by both you and us. This can be anything from an infographic, to a poem, to a TikTok video, and can be made completely around your own schedule. You’ll have plenty of free reign to be creative, within the themes we provide each month. Posts will be reviewed by the CEASE team and posted via our social media accounts. We know you will be vital in helping get word out about the campaigns through your networks and far beyond!


What will I gain?

Intro to Sexual Exploitation Training

An webinar introducing you to the heart of the issues around sexual exploitation in the UK led by experts in the field.

Work Experience

Real world experience in creating targeted content for social media awareness raising campaigns. We’ll gladly provide onward references for committed volunteers to help you convert this experience into your next job.

Be Part of a Global Movement

Join us right at the start as we launch an online community of Gen Z anti-sexual exploitation activists. Help us chart the course ahead as we mobilise your generation – a powerful, networked generation of young British people to end the injustice caused by the sex trade and global sex industry. 

We want to create a community space for discussion and thought that can grow through your contributions, so the more thoughts you can bring, the richer our whole endeavour will grow. We are looking for young creative and critical activists who are keen to help shape our national human rights movement.

How to apply?

Do you have ideas on how to share the CEASE mission in engaging ways for audiences on social media, and the skills and creativity with which to do it?

We just need you to answer the following questions, either via text, voice-note or video. If it’s a voice-note or video, make sure that all 3 answers combined comes to no more than 4 minutes in length. Deadline for applications is SUNDAY 7TH MARCH.

  1. Why are you interested in joining CEASE’s volunteer team? (max. 250 words)
  2. Tell us about any skills you have that you could bring to the team (max. 250 words)
  3. Do you have any relevant experience? (max. 250 words)

Please also send us a link to 1 example of content you have created on any topic, just to give us a flavour of your style, voice and what you produce! This can be anything from an Instagram post to a poem to a TikTok, on any website, blog, Instagram page or just via Google Drive link! The application form has space to upload voice-note/video answers, as well as linking to some content.  

For full information, terms and more, download the full role description here.