Exposing the links between all forms of sexual exploitation

CEASE Summit 2019

6th October
Westminster Central Hall
A full day event including lunch and refreshments
This event is archived.

Why Attend?

CEASE UK 2019 is about exposing links between all forms of sexual exploitation and the vast global sex industry.

We believe that will never see an end to sexual abuse and exploitation until we challenge the industries that profit from turning women into objects and turning sex into a commodity.

We believe that we must speak out about the harms of hypersexualised culture in order to transform our society into a place that upholds and respects the dignity, humanity and worth of every last person.

If this is an issue you care about, come to CEASE 2019 and hear diverse speakers including survivors, academics, activists, MPs, lawyers and charity workers offering unique and fascinating insights into the latest research, news and developments.

  • Discover more about the interconnectedness of different forms of sexual exploitation
  • Gain unique and diverse perspectives on how to address the drivers and underlying causes of abuse
  • Get updates on the latest news, initiatives and developments

Speakers… to be announced

 Agenda Titles from the 2018 Summit

Making the Connections: the Dark Shadow of the Commercial Sex Industry (Julie Bindel)

“Stripping the Illusion”: Behind the Legal challenge to Sheffield’s Strip Clubs (Dr. Sasha Rakoff and survivor, Liz)

Panel: A Tale of Two Cities: comparing the different models set up to manage prostitution in the cities of Leeds and Ipswich (Alan Caton, Fiona Broadfoot, Liz Harsant and Jalna Hanmer)

Panel Discussion: Helping Victims of Sexual Exploitation (Fiona Broadfoot, Karen Ingala Smith and representatives from the Sophie Hayes Foundation and Women at the Well)

The inadequacies of the Modern Slavery Act (Anna Fisher)

“Organised Sexual Exploitation in England and Wales”: exploring the findings of the APPG report (MPs including Sarah Champion)

The Murky Underworld of Human Trafficking (Amanda Jones and Julian Norman)

Pornography: its links to Sexual Entitlement, Violence and Exploitation (Tom Farr)

Strategies for Reducing Vulnerability to Grooming and Exploitation (Liz Hall and Nat Graham from the S.L.A.V.E. Project)

Challenging Commercial Sexual Exploitation from within your Own Context (Jacci Stoyle)


Fiona Bruce, MP

“Prostitution and the commercial sex industry are intrinsically linked with modern slavery. As we have heard, the market for commercial sex operates as a pull for traffickers and organised crime groups.”

Report by UN Commission on Human Rights Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons, Sigma Huda

“It is rare that one finds a case in which the path to prostitution … [does] not involve, at the very least, an abuse of power and or an abuse of vulnerability. Power and vulnerability in this context must be understood to include power disparities based on gender, race, ethnicity, and poverty.”

Catharine Mackinnon

“…when fear and despair produce acquiescence and acquiescence is taken to mean consent, consent is not a meaningful concept.”