Why Attend?

CEASE UK 2019 is about exposing links between all forms of sexual exploitation and the vast global sex industry. 

We believe that will never see an end to sexual abuse and exploitation until we challenge the industries that profit from turning women into objects and turning sex into a commodity.

We believe that we must speak out about the harms of hypersexualised culture in order to transform our society into a place that upholds and respects the dignity, humanity and worth of every last person. 

If this is an issue you care about, come to CEASE 2019 and hear diverse speakers including survivors, academics, activists, MPs, lawyers and charity workers offering unique and fascinating insights into the latest research, news and developments.

  • Broaden your perspective through learning how the different forms of sexual exploitation are interconnected
  • Gain practical advice on bringing about real, positive change
  • Stand with others: learn, share and collaborate

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