We are the
Centre to End All
Sexual Exploitation

What is Sexual

Sexual exploitation is the abuse of a person’s sexuality for the purpose of sexual gratification, financial gain, or other kind of personal benefit or advantage.

It fundamentally erodes a human being’s freedom, rights and dignity.

Sexual exploitation is widespread, but its effects are most powerfully felt by the most vulnerable people.

We want a world without sexual exploitation.

And if we’re going to see that happen in our lifetime, we need to tackle the commercial and cultural forces that drive it.

What we do

We shine a light on what sexual exploitation is, where it occurs and how it contravenes our human rights.  We campaign for new and better laws, advocate for policy change and hold the global sex industry to account. 

We’re building a UK-wide movement of campaigners against sexual exploitation, and we’re amplifying the voices of the very best advocates for change: survivors.

Read our 2022/23 Annual Report

How we work

If we want to make a difference, we need to work together.

We work with all kinds of organisations and individuals. From feminists to faith groups, academics to artists. The important thing is that we share the same views on why sexual exploitation happens and how it’s going to end.

Our stance at a glance.

Who our work covers

No human being should be subject to sexual exploitation.
We’re working to end it for all, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, class, ability or belief. 

The reality is that although anyone can become a victim of sexual exploitation, certain individuals are far more at risk. Often, this is due to intersecting factors connected to gender, race, socio-economic background and previous experiences of neglect, exploitation and abuse, particularly in childhood. 

This helps to explain why young women, racial minorities and those from difficult or abusive backgrounds are disproportionately represented as victims/survivors of sexual exploitation (particularly its commercial forms).

It’s also why our work focuses heavily on tackling the forces that drive violence against women in our culture.

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Need Support?

At CEASE, we are not equipped to support survivors directly. Instead, we have collated a directory of support services that are.

If you or someone you know have been subjected to abuse – sexual or otherwise – please reach out to the services below for advice and support. 
The directory also signposts support for those wishing to exit the sex industry, concerned parents, those struggling with porn addiction, and specialised services for marginalised individuals.

We see you, we cherish you, and we support you.

Access the directory.

Our team

Our small team is spread across the UK in Cardiff, London and Edinburgh. We all work remotely, so our ‘office’ is on Zoom. Look forward to seeing you in the Zoom room one day!

Lucie Moore

Chief Executive

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Chair of Trustees

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Head of Policy & Public Affairs

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Head of Communications

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Programmes & Administrative Officer

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Advisor / Team Member of Expose the Harm

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